Definition of gloopy in English:



  • See gloop

    • ‘It was more like a thick, gloopy, sticky, overly sweet maple syrup to which chopped dill had been added.’
    • ‘The spinach still had some vibrancy, the sauce didn't overpower, the egg had just the desired amount of gloopy yolk, the muffin wasn't soggy at all.’
    • ‘A phobia of these gloopy, slimy garden creatures is not uncommon among the green-fingered population, and a fear of slime even has a name - blennophobia.’
    • ‘It produces a deliciously gloopy juice when cooked.’
    • ‘He is the son of a Hong Kong masterchef, taking a traditional approach to Chinese cookery, with an emphasis on fresh, zingy ingredients rather than thick, gloopy sauces.’