Definition of gloop in English:



  • [mass noun] Sloppy or sticky semi-fluid matter, typically something unpleasant:

    ‘the chicken tikka masala would arrive in a thick liquid gloop’
    • ‘Consequently, the first foods to pass Oscar's lips (when they didn't stick to his face, hair and fingers) were not baby rice, rusks and gloop out of a jar.’
    • ‘The Director rushes through the set pieces, drenching the sets in viscous gloop and blood as the bland supporting cast falls victim to the dual extra-terrestrial threat.’
    • ‘Without wishing to be unkind, it was student vegetable gloop (carrot, courgette, mushroom, turnip and barley in tomato sauce) with little herby scone things on the top.’
    • ‘Any tartness and capers seemed to have abandoned this dish for a more elegant life, leaving a creamy, flavourless gloop on the plate.’
    • ‘After cutting my hair, the hair-dresser usually offers to plaster it with wax, gel or some other type of gloop.’
    • ‘I felt transported back to the 1970s, when sweetcorn would be coated in this gloop as a sign of sophistication.’
    • ‘The purée of carrots and celery was an almost unpalatable watery gloop, which ended up pushed to the side of the table.’
    • ‘There are also jugs of differently coloured gloop.’
    • ‘Boils of dark gloop, a mix of oil, water, sulphur and gas, burst up in the island's centre.’
    • ‘In it he almost obliterates the sky in a frenzy of thick white paint and the sea in a swirling foreground of creamy, hot-chocolate gloop.’
    • ‘I transferred all my new oil paints from the temporary cardboard box, along with brushes, palette knives, bottles of gloop and such, leaving plenty of room for other stuff as I get more ambitious.’
    • ‘His paintings are three-dimensional piles of gloop.’
    • ‘Why else would I have parted with three crisp tenners for some gloop that promised only to ‘brighten’ the skin?’
    • ‘Family comedies, by their very nature, usually come beset with some sort of unsubtle message, a fair amount of gloop, and one or two precocious kids.’
    • ‘And when we got to Mauritius, there had been a storm and the sea at St Géran was this thick gloop.’
    • ‘The pea purée was a congealed, dry mound of inedible gloop.’
    • ‘All too often we serve up great wodges of congealed gloop, which even the feeble apology ‘But it's meant to be sticky rice’ fails to excuse.’
    • ‘According to the science journal, Nature, we humans and the obscure worm Xenoturbella sprang from the same bit of the primordial gloop that graced our planet around half a million years ago.’
    • ‘They tasted bland and their dressing was an unappetising grey gloop.’
    • ‘I'm now sitting here covered in gloop because the result of the cut was hair that is at least three different colours, none of them remotely pleasant.’
    mud, muck, mire, ooze, silt, alluvium, dirt, slime, slush, slurry
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1960s: the letters gl, o, and p are said to be symbolic of semi-liquid matter (compare with glop).