Definition of gloom-ridden in English:



  • Feeling or causing despondency; pessimistic.

    ‘gloom-ridden predictions’
    • ‘It was into a gloom-ridden Temple household, later in 1689, that the young Jonathan Swift arrived as a new secretary.’
    • ‘Their hair was long and unkempt, their faces weary, ashen, gloom-ridden.’
    • ‘To most of them Spengler looked like a gloom-ridden pessimist.’
    • ‘Her crystalline harmonies perfectly complement Murray Lightburn's gloom-ridden vocals.’
    • ‘It was warmer inside, but the hall seemed dark and gloom-ridden after the broad white snow-covered fields shining under the pale morning sky.’
    gloomy, negative, defeatist, downbeat, cynical, bleak, fatalistic, dark, black, despairing, despondent, depressed, dejected, demoralized, hopeless, melancholy, glum, lugubrious, suspicious, distrustful, doubting, alarmist
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