Definition of glomerulus in English:



Biology Anatomy
  • A cluster of nerve endings, spores, or small blood vessels, especially a cluster of capillaries around the end of a kidney tubule.

    • ‘Fairly well differentiated renal tissue with embryonic glomeruli and tubules.’
    • ‘IgA Nepropathy progressively ruins the kidneys' filtering units, called glomeruli.’
    • ‘In cases of severe intravascular hemolysis, the binding capacity of haptoglobin is exceeded rapidly, and free hemoglobin is filtered by the glomeruli.’
    • ‘The glomerulus filters the blood and the waste products are removed.’
    • ‘Pressure of blood in the glomerulus causes fluid to filter into Bowman's capsule.’
    • ‘The glomeruli are tiny blood vessels within your kidneys that filter fluid, waste and other substances from your blood.’
    • ‘Your kidneys filter waste and sodium using tiny filters called glomeruli.’
    • ‘Men's kidneys have larger glomeruli than women's and they have a greater glomerular volume.’
    • ‘Glucose normally is filtered by the glomerulus, but it is almost completely reabsorbed in the proximal tubule.’
    • ‘In the kidney, the glomeruli show thickened capillary walls and endothelial swelling.’
    • ‘The capillaries of glomeruli with cellular crescents were collapsed and showed few or no inflammatory cells.’
    • ‘The neoplastic cells surrounded glomeruli and invaded renal tubules forming lymphoepithelial lesions.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, diminutive of Latin glomus, glomer- ‘ball of thread’.