Definition of globular in English:



  • 1Globe-shaped; spherical.

    ‘plants with distinctive globular blooms’
    • ‘These 5-to 6-nm - wide chains of globular subunits are interpreted as individual tubulin protofilaments in a curved guanosine diphosphate conformational state.’
    • ‘The number of observed nanostructures (i.e., fibrils, filaments, and globular aggregates) reduces when the concentration is below 0.1 mg/ml.’
    • ‘Resonance energy transfer efficiency is strongly affected by changes in the donor-acceptor distance on the order of a typical globular protein.’
    • ‘The bottom disc, resting on three padded feet, is the base, while the globular glass shade sits on the top one.’
    • ‘It consisted of multiple red-brown globular nodules measuring 1 to 3.5 cm, with smaller fine nodules emerging from their surfaces.’
    • ‘Other studies in which quasi-static force spectroscopy was applied to globular proteins generally lack details that can be linked directly to the secondary structure of the protein.’
    • ‘We wandered up into the hills, which are sprinkled just at the moment with globular sheep: first lambs are due hereabouts in ten days or so.’
    • ‘Both have a globular or bulbous bell and the reed is placed on a curved or angled crook.’
    • ‘The bottle has a direct neck and a globular body and an evened and rounded lip.’
    • ‘The complete quenching also suggests that lipids in the membrane are not arranged in aggregated or globular constructs that may prevent CO 2 + access.’
    • ‘These differences might be related to the shape of the species in water, namely, the globular structure of meta-substituted porphyrins and the dimeric form of the zinc porphyrins.’
    • ‘These have expanding necks and bulbous to globular bodies.’
    • ‘The stability of the simulations of this large system (- 800 residues and 6,650 water molecules) is comparable to more conventional globular protein simulations.’
    • ‘The fruits, which are globular, berrylike, are pea shaped, contain four or five seeds.’
    • ‘Such a pretty name for a ugly, destruction loving, globular mess.’
    • ‘But for all the lingering on inky skies or globular dollops of snow outside a window pane, the story never meanders.’
    • ‘The musa lasiocarpa is both dwarf and hardy, and when established produces unusual yellow globular flowers.’
    spherical, round, globe-shaped, ball-shaped, orb-shaped, rounded, bulbous, bulb-shaped
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  • 2Composed of globules.

    • ‘First, the titin molecule is composed of a discrete number of globular domains and a nonglobular segment.’
    • ‘As some of the water was removed, tiny globular islands, or ‘micelles’ of solid material formed in the solution.’
    • ‘The small differences among various amino acids are diminished further by averaging over the rather similar compositions of globular proteins.’


    • ‘If globulars have black holes now, then globulars most likely had black holes when they originally formed.’
    • ‘In the Q & A, someone asked why any globulars are left.’
    • ‘The Milky Way has about 100 globular clusters, whereas giant elliptical galaxies are surrounded by thousands of globulars.’
    • ‘What is clear is that these clusters, like the globulars, are ancient.’