Definition of globetrotting in English:



mass noun
  • The action of travelling widely around the world.

    ‘in spite of his globetrotting, he has not abandoned his Indian heritage’
    • ‘Globetrotting, an essential staple of orchestral life, has had its day.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the American toy industry hasn't been much for globetrotting.’
    • ‘The seventh episode found the mismatched twosome returned from their globetrotting but embroiled in a variety of comedy adventures.’
    • ‘Despite the fame and the globetrotting, the couple's domestic existence is reassuringly familiar.’
    • ‘His photographs, compiled from over 50 years of architectural globetrotting, is encyclopedic in scale and daunting for the distance he has traveled.’
    • ‘In a conversation peppered with laughter, it's obvious he is passionate about globetrotting and clearly advocates responsible traveling.’
    • ‘Their trip has not put them off globetrotting.’
    • ‘You're looking forward to globetrotting, but sharing a double bed in a motel room with your sister who snores isn't your idea of a great time.’
    • ‘A fund-raising initiative and a passion for globetrotting brought them together.’
    • ‘They collect thousands of brightly colored travel photographs from all over the world, culminating 15 years of globetrotting.’


  • Travelling widely around the world.

    ‘a globetrotting celebrity’
    ‘an eventful, globetrotting life’
    • ‘Last year, they approached the sportswear company about creating a collection specifically for the boutiques on two globetrotting ships.’
    • ‘Globetrotting students from the two colleges have been taking their studies stateside.’
    • ‘The estranged wife and kids were still awaiting back support payments from the globetrotting deadbeat.’
    • ‘A man of many talents, he is sportsman, a music lover and a globetrotting explorer.’
    • ‘He presents himself as a dashing, globetrotting playboy.’
    • ‘His commitment to his hometown crowd was something to be admired, especially given his aggressive globetrotting schedule.’
    • ‘Sticking with the blogging theme, he takes a look at the globetrotting phenomenon of food bloggers.’
    • ‘Globetrotting disc jockeys cutting albums of "original" music are nothing new.’
    • ‘Nothing annoyed globetrotting CEOs more than cold war barricades.’
    • ‘Their sports science team have been on high alert this week, running health checks on their globetrotting international stars.’