Definition of global distillation in English:

global distillation


mass noun
  • A process whereby certain volatile substances vaporize in warm climates and condense in cooler areas, causing the accumulation of pollutants.

    • ‘The substances are showing up at such high levels in the Arctic are probably not coming from local sources but are being concentrated at high latitudes by the phenomenon of global distillation.’
    • ‘More unnerving still is the global distillation of persistent organic pollutants, which are released into the atmosphere, travel long distances on warm air, and settle in cooler regions into the soil, water, and vegetation.’
    • ‘In addition a global distillation of these products, which will persist for centuries after bulk production ceases, if we ever get around to that, will ensure that many future generations will continue to be similarly affected.’
    • ‘Some toxic chemicals travel through a global distillation process, wherein they evaporate in the tropics and are transported in the air stream to the poles.’