Definition of gloatingly in English:



  • See gloat

    • ‘Justin took this opportunity to steal Tiffany's letter from Bryan, tossed a few well-chosen profanities at his ex-best friend gloatingly, and then moved to sit on Shannon's bed to read it.’
    • ‘It gloatingly screams that the two leaders have ‘acknowledged receipt of the amount with thanks’.’
    • ‘It turns out that if we confine ourselves to what the pundits gloatingly call ‘political reality’, the list isn't too spectacular.’
    • ‘She cedes custody of her boy to her first partner and gives up arguing with the gloatingly triumphant son, as he ferociously denounces her shortcomings as a mother.’
    • ‘But he held the pen over his head gloatingly, danced around my room in circles, and said that he couldn't give it back to me.’