Definition of glitchy in English:



  • Prone to glitches.

    • ‘After the '90s binge on glitchy hardware and buggy software, CEOs are justified in demanding that new technology be simple, easy to use, and produce results that add to the bottom line.’
    • ‘It's a shame, because although the service is a bit glitchy, the room is great and the technical ability of the kitchen undeniable.’
    • ‘Screens that include a large amount of action can get glitchy at times.’
    • ‘There's also the issue that at least one of the files is fairly seriously glitchy, with several noticeable drop-outs.’
    • ‘It's also surprising to notice some of the glitchy animations that you'll run into on the track.’
    • ‘I think the new template has taken care of that glitchy text thing that I had going on for a while.’
    • ‘Oooh, that's not good, it's gone all weird and glitchy.’
    • ‘Whenever possible (and I know it's been glitchy lately) please use the comments feature in order to remark on stuff that's posted here.’