Definition of gliding in English:



mass noun
  • The sport of flying in a glider.

    • ‘The girl didn't notice the gathering, ominous clouds, and as soon as she thought of going gliding, her mood changed, and she became happy again.’
    • ‘During her time with the squadron, she has tried her hand at both powered flying and gliding and has gained some fundraising experience.’
    • ‘The other thing that this writer of this book couldn't resist is a detailed account of flying and gliding towards the end of the book.’
    • ‘This was an underwater version of gliding and parachuting, except that we had to avoid missing another drop-off.’
    • ‘He took up gliding, sharing a glider with a local general practitioner, and went solo on his 65th birthday.’
    • ‘Interesting experiment, although personally I don't think speed gliding is the way to go to promote our sport.’
    • ‘As discussed previously, the difference between powered flight and gliding is the flight stroke, which produces thrust in true flyers.’
    • ‘The four sports were water skiing, sports parachuting, alpine skiing and gliding.’
    • ‘This month is the 75th anniversary of organised gliding in Australia.’
    • ‘Sailplane pilots dream of gliding in the Andes, Sierra Nevada and over Jondaryan.’
    • ‘The gliding had a higher level of variation, but still was of a high quality.’
    • ‘Spend more of your gliding time flying straight in rising air and you'll raise your glide over the ground.’
    • ‘The rambles are £5, for example, while gliding was £30.’
    • ‘There is the occasional mishap, but statistically, gliding has been shown to be about as safe as normal airplane flying.’
    flying, in flight, in the air, on the wing, winging
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