Definition of glide time in English:

glide time


mass nounNZ
  • A system in which employees work a set number of hours with flexible starting and finishing times.

    ‘some of us don't have comfortable pensions, unlimited sick days, and glide time’
    • ‘Glide-time, part-time work, and piece work could be constructively used to make the labour market more flexible.’
    • ‘In quieter intervals they were inclined to anticipate Glide Time but much looseness of routine was superficial.’
    • ‘Staggered "glide-time" working hours in the State Services to help in car pool use and to ease the demand for public transport.’
    • ‘I have friends that used to work at Auckland Council and they said, with glide time, nothing was done all day.’
    • ‘He was a useless guy who would not get a glide time job with the Public Services.’
    • ‘I suspect it's those in the civil service - childless and on glide time - who want to sip Chardonnay on the deck after a day of making life more difficult for the rest of us.’
    • ‘He's been on glide time ever since.’
    • ‘Some Public Service Departments have lately been examining the possibilities of glide time.’
    • ‘Specific suggestions were the use of glide-time, self-rostering, and more opportunities for part-time and job-sharing work.’
    • ‘Motive or not, the evidence the ABCs are on self-imposed glide time is rather thin.’