Definition of glibness in English:



  • See glib

    • ‘It's an excellent premise for a film, which makes it that much more disappointing that due to excessive glibness and tonal inconsistencies, the pieces never come together.’
    • ‘It happens, of course, but the glibness with which it's used to build up the character bothers me.’
    • ‘If you're able to say that with such disgusting and self-important glibness, you are putting yourself on the same moral level with the monsters who did this crime.’
    • ‘The glibness of some of the reasoning threatened apoplexy in at least one viewer.’
    • ‘The glibness of his writing, the daringly bad taste, - something I would normally relish - juxtaposed with terrorist carnage, this time seemed a little sickening.’
    • ‘It is a valuable and articulate polemic against the glibness of liberal internationalism, its ideological license and its bouts of arrogance.’