Definition of gleefully in English:



  • In an exuberantly or triumphantly joyful manner.

    ‘audiences laughed gleefully’
    ‘politicians gleefully point the finger at each other’
    • ‘He gets in his car and drives around the country at the taxpayers' expense, and he gleefully enjoys it.’
    • ‘This may be the most gleefully unrealistic action film in the past decade.’
    • ‘Everyone else gads about the forest, where fairies gleefully meddle with the well-being of mortals.’
    • ‘She trips around the local store, gleefully filling her shopping basket, staring the shop assistant in the eye.’
    • ‘In the first two Flash Gordon serials, he had some great scenes and gleefully evil lines.’
    • ‘My uncle gleefully told me about all the different diseases that each different biting thing carried.’
    • ‘It is wonderful to think that a writer so gleefully influenced by American pulp magazines should indeed be recognized as a giant of letters.’
    • ‘Two-year-old Pierre was playing gleefully with Jacques' two daughters.’
    • ‘The scout may devour gleefully a soggy pancake, but an hour later he will be much less enthusiastic.’
    • ‘She is a riveting Anne Boleyn in prison and a very funny 15-year-old Jane Austen as she pens her own gleefully biased English history.’