Definition of glazing in English:



  • 1mass noun The action of installing windows.

    ‘a programme of acoustic glazing was undertaken to protect against traffic noise’
    • ‘An additional £43,000 is to be spent on repair and remedial work including mending a roof leak, broken glazing and general cleaning.’
    • ‘Sue Lancett who works in the glazing department would rather take redundancy.’
    • ‘Contractors will also be working on specialist glazing, stonework installation, IT and general site maintenance over the Christmas break.’
    • ‘The strong, visor-like bands of glazing are also retained, but replaced with double-glazed units and a secondary line of glazing to improve acoustic conditions.’
    • ‘He said the roof on the new grandstand was half-completed and glazing was being installed.’
    • ‘For example, using the building form to provide shelter from a noise source is preferable to installing acoustic-rated glazing.’
    • ‘Daylight is the hospital's primary design element, with extensive glazing in all program areas.’
    • ‘The noise of the traffic has forced residents to sleep at the back of their houses and install secondary glazing, costing hundreds of pounds.’
    • ‘Window contractors are experts in the installation and repair of glazing products.’
    • ‘Double doors separate it from the spacious dining room, which features a glass-block installation and extensive glazing.’
    1. 1.1 Glass windows.
      ‘sealed protective glazing’
      • ‘This glazing is projected to save 9.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.’
      • ‘Any risk of feeling claustrophobic is banished by generous areas of glazing.’
      • ‘The ample glazing gives the children a visual connection to the exterior environment, and the colored, laminated glass facades help the children with orientation within the school.’
      • ‘Today's building codes in most areas of the country generally require insulated glazing.’
      • ‘What kind of glass should you use - normal glass or acrylic glazing?’
      • ‘A total of 18,000 hand-blown glass panes made in Germany to replicate the original glazing of 1836 have been placed by specialist glaziers between the bars.’
      • ‘It is available as a clear or tinted glazing so it can be installed without altering the appearance of the facility.’
      • ‘Storm windows can increase the efficiency of single-pane windows, the least energy-efficient type of glazing.’
      • ‘The house is light and airy with lots of glazing and three balconies on three levels let the garden come into the house.’
      • ‘Interior glazing allows researchers to oversee their lab spaces from their offices.’
      • ‘Above ground, it reads as an ensemble of hermetic stone boxes incised with continuous horizontal strips of glazing at ground level, so providing a sense of animation for passers-by.’
      • ‘Also, we currently have secondary glazing, which deals with the traffic noise very effectively.’
      • ‘All of this is performed in a bizarre silence, the triple glazing of the terminal windows providing an effective barrier between waiting passengers and the noise of the aircraft.’
      • ‘He said such improvements might, for example, create ventilation between the inner stained glass and the protective outer glazing.’
      • ‘You will probably need more than one window to introduce the recommended glazing to floor area of 10-20%.’
      • ‘The 1932 building was fitted with a water-source heat pump and high-efficiency windows with spectrally selective glazing.’
      • ‘Double-hung windows were replaced to match the profile and leaded glazing of the originals.’
      • ‘When the castle was taken into State care in 1950 it only remained to complete the reflooding of the lakes and the restoration and glazing of the windows of the Great Hall, aided by private donors in 1960.’
      • ‘Secondary glazing, where a second window is fitted inside the first, can cut noise by up to 50%.’
      • ‘Reflective glazing is popular for large windows and in hot climates.’
      • ‘Glass, the oldest type of glazing, is probably the most commonly available material.’
      • ‘Double and triple-paned glazing options on glass are available for maximum energy efficiency.’
  • 2A glaze.

    ‘bakers show great flair in their use of glazings’
    • ‘If desired, a glazing can be made from 200 grams of fine sugar mixed with three to four tablespoonfuls of boiling water or limejuice.’
    • ‘Also coming are smart glazings, notably electrochromics, which use low-voltage power to modulate from clear to full color.’
    • ‘Most chromogenic glazings are still in the development stages and not yet available for large-scale commercial projects.’
    • ‘Fire-rated glazings in fire doors must be in place with no damage.’
    • ‘While some glazings, such as low-emissivity ones, result in no significant change, others can dramatically alter it.’
    • ‘Other glazings are designed to resist explosions or impacts, preventing the window glass from becoming flying shrapnel.’
    • ‘The fist bite was very sour indeed and the glazing on my teeth protested heavily.’
    • ‘Although these coatings can produce similar savings, they do not have service lives comparable to that new glazings.’
    • ‘Add some lemon juice, a little at a time, whisking with a spoon, until you reach the desired consistency: if it's creamy, the glazing on the cookies will be thick.’
    • ‘UV treated polycarbonate provides much of the clarity of glass and is stronger and more resistant to impact than other glazings.’
    • ‘We provide methods to analyze new kinds of systems such as radiant heating and cooling, electrochromic glazings and daylighting.’
    • ‘The revival of interest in Flemish painting at the time is reflected in the glazing.’
    • ‘Warm the oven to 190 degrees C, and give the pastries a final glazing with beaten egg.’