Definition of glazed frost in English:

glazed frost


mass noun
  • A glassy coating of ice, typically caused by rain freezing on impact.

    • ‘It is because rime contains these air spaces that it appears white in contrast to glazed frost which is clear, solid ice with little or no trapped air.’
    • ‘If a bird is frozen onto the ice, when there is no glazed frost, it is possible that this bird is sick.’
    • ‘Providing data on the possible glazed frost at the right moment enables to prevent occurring this very dangerous phenomenon or to minimise its consequences.’
    • ‘Safety on fresh snow, hard snow, ice or glazed frost and even on dry ground is comparable with that provided by the best snow tires fitted with studs.’
    • ‘This, however, diminishes the energy output without eliminating the snow being blown or the glazed frost and the hoar-frost laid by frosted fog, mist, and haze.’