Definition of glaucous gull in English:

glaucous gull


  • A large white and pale grey gull breeding on Arctic coasts.

    Larus hyperboreus, family Laridae

    • ‘Below we report the geographic distribution of long-tailed ducks, eiders, scoters, glaucous gulls, and Pacific loons with respect to month and ice cover.’
    • ‘Mark and Alex took the lead in the kayaks, harried by pale glaucous gulls and the quick, forked-tailed arctic terns.’
    • ‘New gull species have occasionally shown up at the refuse dump/sewage lagoons while on migration (Thayer's gull, Iceland gull), or as nonbreeding juveniles in summer (glaucous gull).’
    • ‘Unlike other birds observed during these surveys, glaucous gulls occurred in significantly higher densities in June than in July and August.’
    • ‘In the event of an oil spill, sea ducks are more vulnerable to contact oil than surface-feeding species, such as glaucous gulls.’