Definition of glauconite in English:



mass noun
  • A greenish clay mineral of the illite group, found chiefly in marine sands.

    • ‘In addition, colors that can be produced by using mixtures of the just-mentioned basic pigments, in some cases along with glauconite and charred bone, are also noted and illustrated.’
    • ‘Another source of slowly available potash is the clay-type mineral glauconite, commonly sold as greensand.’
    • ‘The presence of glauconite indicates deeper water and low sedimentation rates, with less oxygenated conditions.’
    • ‘At the base of the Reading Formation are several metres of brown clay-rich sand with glauconite, flint pebbles and oyster shells.’
    • ‘Rounded 1 mm grains of glauconite occur in the Pentecost Sandstone.’


Mid 19th century: from German Glaukonit, from Greek glaukon (neuter of glaukos ‘bluish-green’) + -ite.