Definition of glassy-eyed in English:



  • Showing no interest or animation.

    ‘glassy-eyed heroin addicts’
    • ‘Forced into passive obedience, many of Freud's subjects are shown sitting slumped or lying down, glassy-eyed or asleep.’
    • ‘In the late 1970's Time magazine's cover did a disservice to the emerging field of sociobiology by featuring a portrait of a glassy-eyed couple attached to puppet strings, presumably meant to signify genes.’
    • ‘Early one morning about 15 years ago I emerged, glassy-eyed, in Paris from the airport train after an overnight flight from Toronto.’
    • ‘Sitting glassy-eyed on the couch creates the perfect trap for mindlessly chowing down on junk food.’
    • ‘As we piled on, I noticed that everyone had the same exhausted, glassy-eyed, desperate quality about them I was sure I had.’
    • ‘I will never forget the window cleaner's face when he saw me, slumped glassy-eyed on the settee.’
    • ‘Red-eyed and clammy, he suggested I lay my head down on my table like he did, thus blocking out the sounds of heaving and the sight of greenish, glassy-eyed misery all around us.’
    • ‘Reactions varied from glassy-eyed indifference, people being a bit shaken by the oddness of it, and slowly smiling enthusiasm and amusement.’
    • ‘His glassy-eyed glare stilled the angry crowd.’
    • ‘An hour later, Alyssa was staring glassy-eyed out of the window from the waiting area in the hospital.’
    • ‘Be honest, if you had seen this woman at the grocery store, you would have shared a knowing look with someone as you watched her glassy-eyed stare.’
    • ‘Outwardly she is ice cool, sitting glassy-eyed in press conferences while reporters jostle to ask questions about her father.’
    • ‘A slightly frazzled, middle-aged woman greets me at the door and leads me through to a stuffy lounge, where her mother sits propped in a chair, glassy-eyed.’
    • ‘The solicitor listened with an air of glassy-eyed abstraction.’
    • ‘As round ten commenced, Freitas looked a little glassy-eyed and showed very reduced mobility.’
    • ‘A trailer loaded with canoes sits behind the Red Cross building, waiting to be deployed, and glassy-eyed relief workers stagger onto our hotel's elevators, ready to collapse.’
    • ‘What are all of those glassy-eyed college students looking for in a summer job?’
    • ‘I'll never forget the sort of glassy-eyed look he gave me as he gathered up his things and left us alone in the conference room.’
    • ‘She became very rigid and glassy-eyed and couldn't walk.’
    • ‘There were girls in various states of undress, glassy-eyed with drink or bright-eyed from illegal substances.’
    expressionless, inexpressive, vacant, deadpan
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