Definition of glasspaper in English:



mass noun
  • Paper covered with powdered glass, used for smoothing and polishing.

    ‘each coat must be rubbed down with very fine glasspaper’
    • ‘Once the board is constructed, the upper surface and edges need to be made very smooth and safe by rubbing with sandpaper and then glasspaper.’
    • ‘Remember to rub down with fine glasspaper between coats.’
    • ‘Clean the cut rebate with the wood chisel and glasspaper, making sure to keep to the depth indicated by the scored lines.’
    • ‘To replace worn glasspaper, press the clip at the back of the sander and pull out the glasspaper.’
    • ‘Roughen the surface of the inner tube over and around the puncture, using the glasspaper.’
    • ‘The whole float is then given two coats of cellulose sealer and smoothed over with flour grade glasspaper.’
    • ‘The newly cut top surface was sanded flat, and blended in to the nut area with a file and glasspaper.’
    • ‘This course will include painting on glasspaper which will be available in the studio on the day.’
    • ‘Take the glasspaper and roll it around the screwdriver coarse side in.’
    • ‘If the saw blade has any rust on it, use some steel wool, a wire brush, or fine glasspaper to get as much of the rust off as you can.’