Definition of glassfish in English:



  • A small fish with an almost transparent body.

    a marine or freshwater fish which is popular in aquaria (genus "Chanda", family "Centropomidae"), including the Indian glassfish ("C. ranga").

    an elongated marine fish of the West Pacific ("Salangichthys microdon", family "Salangidae"), eaten as a delicacy in Japan.

    • ‘The reef earns its good reputation with large gorgonian fan corals up to 3m across and cornetfish, groupers and glassfish in abundance.’
    • ‘They cruise lazily but can burst into action when hunting their normal prey glassfish and sweepers.’
    • ‘Two huge grouper had made the forecastle home, and inside were glassfish and their worst nightmare - lionfish.’
    • ‘Groups of blue-finned trevally terrorised the glassfish and fusiliers as they hunted for their meal.’
    • ‘Clouds of glassfish and upside-down fish inhabit shaded corners.’