Definition of glass wool in English:

glass wool


mass noun
  • Glass in the form of fine fibres used for packing and insulation.

    • ‘The solutions were filtered through glass wool to remove solid particles and were frozen at approximately - 20°C.’
    • ‘According to workers at the National Hospital, they became ill after contractors removed a layer of solar heat insulation made of glass wool from the factory roof on November 26.’
    • ‘The ‘Santa House’, was, of course, covered with glass wool and not snow.’
    • ‘The cell sap was extracted by pressing the leaf in a syringe barrel fitted with glass wool at the outlet to filter out cell debris.’
    • ‘Another part of the plant material was placed into 5 ml pipette tips containing a glass wool filter in the tip, and immediately frozen with liquid nitrogen.’
    • ‘Lay down glass wool insulation about 4 inches thick in your loft, lag the hot water tank, draught-proof windows and doors.’
    • ‘The samples were filtered through glass wool and then separated on 15% polyacrylamide gels using standard methods.’