Definition of glass sponge in English:

glass sponge


  • A deep-water sponge which has a skeleton of intricately shaped spines of silica that may fuse to form a filmy lattice with a glasslike appearance.

    Class Hexactinellida

    • ‘The hard component was often formed from calcium carbonate, as found in shellfish, but other durable defences were provided by chitin (a complex carbohydrate), in crustaceans and insects, and even silica, in the glass sponges.’
    • ‘Because it looks like it is woven from glass it is sometimes called a glass sponge.’
    • ‘Some taxa evolved drastic changes in life style, such as Amphibia, or in cellular organization, like the glass sponges, without much increase in neural complexity, if any.’
    • ‘It is upon close internal examination that glass sponges can be most easily distinguished from other sponges.’
    • ‘And on this side of the Atlantic bizarre and beautiful fields of glass sponges have been trawled to oblivion.’