Definition of glass snake in English:

glass snake


  • another term for glass lizard
    • ‘Later another tail will grow, but the lost piece will not develop into a new glass snake.’
    • ‘Also called the glass snake or legless lizard, the slender glass lizard has a pointed snout, narrow head, and a long cylindrical body with no limbs.’
    • ‘As children we called them glass snakes and I often found them in our Orlando backyard where I played and learned to appreciate resident wildlife.’
    • ‘Lizards typically have four legs with five toes on each foot, although a few, such as the worm lizard and the so-called glass snake, are limbless, retaining only internal vestiges of legs.’
    • ‘Their common name, glass lizard or glass snake, is due to their ability, like many lizards, of dropping their tail.’