Definition of glass-blowing in English:



mass noun
  • The craft of making glassware by blowing air into semi-molten glass through a long tube.

    • ‘Traditional Lebanese crafts include basketry, carpet weaving, ceramics and pottery, copper-and metalworking, embroidery, glass-blowing, and gold-and silversmithing.’
    • ‘It can withstand heavy traffic without significant wear and can handle the high temperatures in the glass-blowing facilities.’
    • ‘In the 17th century, we learn of the introduction of smoking tobacco and after that there is an impressive display about 18th century Waterford, glass-blowing and the Georgian legacy in architecture.’
    • ‘Like several of Taiwan's other localized festivals - Hsinchu's glass-blowing and Hualien's marble - sculpting festivals - the Steel and Iron Festival features art that draws on materials once vital to its local economy.’
    • ‘Cultivate an unusual talent like bellydancing or glass-blowing and start a new career.’
    • ‘Visitors looking for a less ‘interactive’ attraction can pay a visit to Langkawi Crystal, Malaysia's only glass-blowing factory, which is several kilometres north of the capital Kuah.’
    • ‘Glass vessels were known in the Ancient world and became common during Roman times, when the techniques of glass-blowing spread throughout the Roman empire.’
    • ‘For many years, I've been longing to try what I saw as one of the most difficult crafts of all: glass-blowing.’
    • ‘At the funfair, visitors will also have the opportunity to view the traditional art of Italian glass-blowing.’
    • ‘A glass-blowing demonstration at the Science Festival showed how, with skill and steady hands, glass can be coaxed into a vast array of different pieces.’
    • ‘Although the bottom of the ‘hookah’ was earthen in the beginning, it turned into glass once glass-blowing became an innovative technique.’
    • ‘In the afternoon there is time to explore the city, or join excursions to the famous food market beside the Rialto Bridge and the glass-blowing factories on the island of Murano.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the blow pipe wasn't invented until the 1st century BC and so glass-blowing is unknown before then.’