Definition of glare ice in English:

glare ice


mass nounNorth American
  • Smooth, glassy ice.

    • ‘There are enormous differences in surface to contend with, from deep soft snow to glare ice.’
    • ‘Except for glare ice, there is rarely a snow condition that I won't try to ski.’
    • ‘Fresh snow often merely masks glare ice and presents what appears to be a navigable surface when, in fact, you'd be better off on skis.’
    • ‘Let a locked wheel slide off glare ice onto dry pavement, and you may be sideways faster than you can think about it.’
    • ‘Despite the glare ice, we stopped with 500 feet of runway remaining; you gotta love reverse thrust!’


Mid 19th century: probably from obsolete glare ‘frost’; perhaps related to glare.