Definition of glamorization in English:


(British glamorisation, glamourisation) (also glamourization)


  • See glamorize

    • ‘But overall complicity with the lethal cigarette industry - whether through glamorization or silence - is widespread and ongoing.’
    • ‘The ‘sex trade’ is already booming, and further encouragement of it may lead to glamourisation of what may be seen as a vile industry.’
    • ‘Hollywood's glamourisation notwithstanding, it strikes me as bizarre that we should take delight in the casual violence of men without conscience, but I understand the fascination.’
    • ‘But there is a lack of proportion in this glamourisation of crime in a society already paying heavily for the criminalisation of politics.’
    • ‘You know, I'm not on the fence about rape and the glamourisation of rape.’