Definition of glam rock in English:

glam rock


mass noun
  • A style of rock music first popular in the early 1970s, characterized by male performers wearing exaggeratedly flamboyant clothes and make-up.

    • ‘The band picks up the tempo, and the lead vocals lean more toward glam rock than any of the bands mentioned above.’
    • ‘Commenting on the band's passion for reggae, he said, ‘back in those days, it was either rock or reggae and we have never been into glam rock.’’
    • ‘Their sound is understated - there are no gimmicky glam rock outfits or overproduced sounds.’
    • ‘The importance of this document, beyond a snapshot of glam rock at its live peak, is that the singer was to announce his shock decision to retire from public life.’
    • ‘Most tracks are in the same vein as the first single - very raw, very homemade-sounding, very British experimental glam rock.’
    • ‘Songs meander with forgettable melodies and all kinds of twists and turns that bear no relationship to one another, other than that they're all copped from 70s glam rock, prog rock and funk.’
    • ‘‘The first music that I got into was glam rock,’ she says.’
    • ‘The remainder of the album is forgettable glam rock and a few gloppy ballads.’
    • ‘They look like something between '70s punk and underprivileged glam rock.’
    • ‘You have a choice of any music, as long as it's progressive rock, stadium rock, glam rock, Motown or newly emerging disco.’
    • ‘The infamous front man was one of the first to wear obvious makeup on stage, way before glam rock.’
    • ‘Without this slice of plastic there would have been no glam rock, no krautrock and no punk.’
    • ‘His music tastes were known to run to pre-Beatles British pop, high-camp glam rock and implausibly obscure indie bands.’
    • ‘During my infancy, the music biz had been dominated by a succession of bizarre glam rock bands.’
    • ‘This duo has run the gamut of glam rock, post-punk, electronica, and pop and is currently on some serious next-level, symphonic, music-hall style that is truly bizarre.’
    • ‘The disco scenes were great too, dancing about to glam rock in a velvet suit, I really enjoyed it!’
    • ‘The musical landscape is dotted with the wreckage of disco, new wave, glam rock, grunge, and most recently, ska revival.’
    • ‘Their lacklustre glam rock certainly backs up their wussiness.’
    • ‘A decade ago, their intoxicating brand of retooled glam rock fueled the U.K.'s Britpop frenzy, and despite their recent, rapid decline, the bulk of this material is nothing less than classic.’
    • ‘Stripped of all glam rock bravado, the songs acquire a new life.’


glam rock