Definition of gladwrap in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • A thin transparent plastic film that adheres to surfaces and to itself, used as a wrapping or covering for food.

    ‘cover with gladwrap and refrigerate until ready to serve’
    • ‘My manuscript is currently wrapped in gladwrap and stuffed in an envelope and hidden under a saddle under my bed, so that it can't hurt me.’
    • ‘"Gardening" on Sunday involved pouring soil in a shallow pot, sprinkling the seeds in, covering them with a little more soil and gladwrap, and sitting it on the windowsill.’
    • ‘He opened the cardboard box and found a chocolate, a container of water, and one cheese sandwich protected by gladwrap.’
    • ‘When the staff have sliced off as much as they can with the big industrial slicers, they wrap it in gladwrap and generally sell it for under $4.’
    • ‘Put a plate or piece of cardboard on top of the gladwrap and weigh down with a small tin, making sure the mixture doesn't overflow.’
    • ‘Remove from fridge, remove gladwrap, and sprinkle with the brown sugar and remaining cup of white wine.’
    • ‘There was this special "surgical gladwrap" over his belly, holding it all in.’
    • ‘Gladwrap leaves wonderful crease marks and can be used in so many different ways—to create flowers, petals, landscapes, rock formations, the sea, and much more.’
    • ‘Put gladwrap on burns.’
    • ‘Someone recently brought to my attention the fact that it is foil and not gladwrap that has psychic protective powers.’