Definition of gladiatorial in English:



  • See gladiator

    • ‘The Colosseum was the greatest building in Ancient Rome but much smaller amphitheatres were built in Roman Britain and gladiatorial fights may have occurred in these.’
    • ‘Another chance to see the spectacular gladiatorial combat re-enactment by the gladiators of Britannia.’
    • ‘Although gladiators were clearly Roman, the values presented in gladiatorial single combat were central to Greek culture as well as to Roman.’
    • ‘Surrounded by a horseshoe of dazzling white marble terraces it has the appearance of a gladiatorial arena rather than an athletics stadium.’
    • ‘He took part in gladiatorial contests and also fought wild beasts in the amphitheater.’
    • ‘Nero's participation in chariot racing, gladiatorial combats, and drama is the subject of the third chapter.’