Definition of gladdon in English:



  • A purple-flowered iris native to Eurasia and North Africa, which produces an unpleasant odour, especially when bruised.

    Iris foetidissima, family Iridaceae

    Also called stinking iris
    • ‘The gladdon is a good plant for dry shade and will thrive even under yew trees.’
    • ‘It belongs to a section of the Iris family called Limniris, which also includes closely-related I. lazica 3 and British native I. foetidissima (gladdon, or stinking iris).’
    • ‘Its botanical name is Iris foetidissima and it is also known as stinking gladwin or gladdon.’
    • ‘One of them is the reserve of gladdons located near the southern town gates.’
    • ‘This plant is also known as sweet root, sweet rush, sweet cane, sweet flag, gladdon, sweet myrtle, myrtle grass, myrtle sedge, and cinnamon sedge.’


Old English glædene, based on Latin gladiolus (see gladiolus).