Definition of gladden in English:



[with object]
  • Make glad.

    ‘the high, childish laugh was a sound that gladdened her heart’
    • ‘The prices charged were outrageous, and my libertarian heart was gladdened.’
    • ‘From crackers to carol singers, Santa to stocking fillers, everything about the festive season is designed to gladden the hearts of children.’
    • ‘Would her sparkle have brightened my days, her wit and humour gladdened my heart?’
    • ‘The formation of union gladdened the hearts of the students who had been demanding this privilege for quite some time now.’
    • ‘Obviously we can't promote all of the comments to the main section, but the fact that readers are leaving dialogue bits in the comments really gladdens our hearts.’
    • ‘Whittling something down to its essentials gladdens my editor's heart.’
    • ‘This should gladden my libertarian heart - government intervention doesn't work!’
    • ‘That is a situation to gladden many a heart, but what is the reason behind the turn around in fortunes?’
    • ‘The worms looked good and healthy, and the compost they produced would gladden the heart of any gardener.’
    • ‘Our little girl, now nearly 28 months old, is still on the breast, and this gladdens my heart because it's where I think she should be.’
    • ‘Gat lots of economics questions, and it gladdens our hearts.’
    • ‘The river's flowing produces a melodious sound that gladdens their ears.’
    • ‘Under the streamlined hood of the four-wheeler, there was much to gladden the heart of the owner.’
    • ‘That has to stand as one of the stranger things I've heard in the past few years, and it gladdens my heart if only because the level of sheer preposterousness in rock music has sadly fallen lately.’
    • ‘Instead, it received across-the-board critical acclaim, without much in the way of promotion, and became the kind of minor success story that gladdens the heart.’
    • ‘A comment left on Lex's post certainly gladdens my heart.’
    • ‘The shift, in any case, is a step sure to gladden multilateralist hearts.’
    • ‘The sight itself is enough to serve as stress buster, gladdening one's heart.’
    • ‘It's about that which gladdens a woman's heart the most: jewellery.’
    • ‘And the spectacle of so many women doing something practical for such a vital cause will gladden the heart.’
    delight, please, make happy, make someone feel good, give someone pleasure, exhilarate, elate
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