Definition of glaciologist in English:



  • See glaciology

    • ‘Bill appears as the warm, considerate, friendly fellow that he was, knowledgeable about so many aspects of Alaskan glaciers and glaciologists.’
    • ‘As part of the expedition, the floe is the object of a several week investigation by glaciologists, biologists, oceanographers and meteorologists.’
    • ‘Guided by Swiss glaciologists, he and the others in the visiting field team found fifty samples of ancient peat and wood that had washed out from beneath the glacial ice.’
    • ‘For glaciologists, examining an ice core extracted from the depths of a glacier is like reading the table of contents of a history book.’
    • ‘‘The challenge now is for glaciologists to look at the data and identify the source for it,’ he said.’
    • ‘Just a decade ago we glaciologists were talking about gradual changes in glaciers taking place over centuries.’
    • ‘The process had a swiftness and a magnitude glaciologists had never seen before, and it created the largest movement of ice in a single event in recent times.’
    • ‘The hypothesis is confirmed by some medieval maps and research of paleogeologists and glaciologists.’
    • ‘One parent is a glaciologist, and the other is a fan of all things sciencey and mathy.’
    • ‘Next summer the glaciologist and his crew will take their six tons of equipment to begin research in southwestern Himalaya.’
    • ‘A glaciologist said the crevasses could be wide open, waiting to swallow the unwary.’
    • ‘It's becoming more and more obvious to glaciologists worldwide that ice shelves form a buttressing effect to the inland ice.’
    • ‘European glaciologists had drilled the high point to bedrock back in the early 1990s.’