Definition of glacial period in English:

glacial period


  • A period in the earth's history when polar and mountain ice sheets were unusually extensive across the earth's surface.

    • ‘The glacial period shows significant shorter-period oscillations in climate.’
    • ‘Among them, that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide were high during each warm period, that more dust was in the air during glacial periods, and that ice ages occur very quickly.’
    • ‘Secondly, it was becoming clear that ice ages followed a regular pattern and that interglacials (such as we are now in) were much shorter that the full glacial periods in between.’
    • ‘In landlocked, mountainous countries, iodine deficiency prevailed for many centuries, probably since the last glacial period.’
    • ‘He wrote ‘there appear to have been glacial periods of world-wide extent’.’
    • ‘Periods of loess deposition are found to correlate with glacial periods when loess profiles are compared to palaeoclimatic evidence from deep-sea cores.’
    • ‘Actually there is not one Ice Age but a whole series of glacial periods (principally in the Northern Hemisphere) interspersed by warm, even tropical, interglacials.’
    • ‘The Irish elk evolved during the glacial periods of the last million years, during the Pleistocene Epoch.’
    • ‘The elephants ‘likely came over on a land-bridge present during the glacial periods of the Pleistocene,’ when sea levels were lower, he said.’
    • ‘Genetic variability of species is determined by geographical conditions, ecological factors, mating systems and also by historical events such as glacial periods.’
    • ‘Here the onset of a glacial period destroys corals; there global warming allows them to flourish, to a certain point.’
    • ‘They are related to the ancestral Hudson River drainage system and formed during glacial periods when the sea level was lower than at present, exposing the continental shelf.’
    • ‘Santa Cruz cypress was probably more abundant and widespread during the past glacial period, but today only five populations are known.’
    • ‘Soils were formed from a sandy glacial outwash during the end of the last glacial period and are low in organic matter, nitrogen, clay, and water-holding capacity.’
    • ‘Here we are warming the planet, while at the same time, climatologists will tell us that we are perhaps long overdue for a glacial period.’
    • ‘During the glacial periods the sea level became much lower because so much water was converted to ice.’
    • ‘Scientists had previously noted such rapid back-and-forth climate changes in other Greenland ice cores during the glacial period.’
    • ‘Cave bears have inhabited Europe and the Near East since the Riss glacial period (250,000 years ago, 250 KYA; Mazza and Rustioni 1994).’
    • ‘For example, many plant and animal species retreated to a few refugia in the southern parts of Europe during the last glacial period.’
    • ‘After the last glacial period, this species was thought to have experienced a rapid northward expansion, especially in the Tohoku district.’