Definition of glabella in English:



  • The smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows.

    • ‘Many trilobites also possessed an extended frontal area anterior of the glabella, but expression of segmentation within this region was also unclear.’
    • ‘The first third is the span between the hairline and the glabella area, the second is between the glabella and subnasale and the remaining is between the subnasale and menton.’
    • ‘The reduced occipital muscle scars are placed on a much lower level than both the glabella and the occipital ring.’
    • ‘The anterior border and preocular areas extend laterally farther beyond the sides of the glabella, and are clearly visible in the palpebral view.’
    • ‘Antennae were apparently braced to the dorsal exoskeleton near the anterior lateral corners of the glabella (the stomach capsule).’


Early 19th century: modern Latin, from Latin glabellus (adjective), diminutive of glaber ‘smooth’.