Definition of Gjetost in English:



mass noun
  • A very sweet, firm golden-brown Norwegian cheese, traditionally made with goat's milk.

    • ‘This delicious and easy to make strudel recipe features eggplants and Gjetost cheese wrapped in flaky pastry - great for a family dinner.’
    • ‘A Norwegian classic, Gjetost Blande is a blend of goat and cow's milk.’
    • ‘Typically Gjetost is served with breakfast on sliced bread.’
    • ‘A commonly used synonym of Gjetost is Gudbrandsdalsost; the Gudbrand valley being its area of origin.’
    • ‘Full fat whey cheese made from a blend of goats’ and cows’ milk and cream or just from goats’ milk (Ekte Gjetost) with a fat content of 29% (fat in dry matter: 35%).’


Norwegian, from gjet, geit ‘goat’ + ost ‘cheese’.