Definition of given name in English:

given name


  • another term for first name
    • ‘Family names come first and given names second.’
    • ‘Instead, each person has a given name, followed by the given names of his or her father, grandfather, and so on.’
    • ‘I loath my middle name, where as my brother despises his given name.’
    • ‘Your character has to have a surname and a given name.’
    • ‘Sunny by name (her given name is Sonia) and sunny by nature, she says that laughter and living well are the best revenge for what has happened to her.’
    • ‘After all, what does one do with two given names like ‘Victoria’ and ‘Elizabeth’ except give oneself a few royal airs.’
    • ‘It's a little like carrying both a given name and a family name.’
    • ‘Only the given name and the first three letters of the family name are recorded on the client information database.’
    • ‘I know that I am in trouble when she refers to me not by my given name but by my proper title.’
    • ‘Although her given names were Dorothy Janet, my mother's name was Jan to all those who knew her.’
    • ‘But Chinese never use just the surname to address a person as foreigners often do and they seldom call others by their given name if the name is only a single word.’
    • ‘Her given name, middle, and surname were assigned at random so a birth certificate could be made up.’
    • ‘Placenames can give us fascinating insights into local history, given names into social history, and surnames into the family history or genealogy.’
    • ‘I know two people with the same name, that is, the same given name and the same surname.’
    • ‘All entries must include rank, full given names, family name, unit, point of contact telephone number and e-mail address of the photographer.’
    • ‘The second is the generational name and the given name written last.’
    • ‘It occurred to her then she had never heard his given name, only the title.’
    • ‘Asian American surnames usually follow the English manner, with the given name first and the surname last.’
    • ‘Girls are often given names of flowers or gems, while boys might be given names that suggest strength.’
    • ‘In both cases, the sports world knows of them by names different from their given names.’


given name