Definition of give up on in English:

give up on

phrasal verb

  • Stop having faith or belief in.

    ‘they weren't about to give up on their heroes so easily’
    • ‘In the meantime, Dave just kept plugging away, never losing faith in his ability or giving up on his music.’
    • ‘My mom was angry at the staff for giving up on me, and she was beyond desperate.’
    • ‘You are giving up on the possibility of things changing.’
    • ‘Just like giving up on Santa Claus being real, none of us really believe the media is objective anymore, do we?’
    • ‘People may eventually give up on sovereign statehood and abandon the institution.’
    • ‘Thank you so much once again for not giving up on her.’
    • ‘Is it time for me to give up on what I've learned about how a wedding should be performed?’
    • ‘We must not give up on what many know in their hearts is the right thing to do.’
    • ‘He didn't totally give up on the concept of faith though, he just reinterpreted.’
    • ‘I or most people don't have a problem with peaceful co-existence but that cannot be on the basis of not telling the truth or giving up on our own values.’