Definition of give the (whole) show away in English:

give the (whole) show away


  • Demonstrate the inadequacies or reveal the truth of something.

    • ‘Autobiographers who want to tell about themselves, without giving the whole show away, have discovered there is more than one way to approach it.’
    • ‘That their campaign is merely an effort to sell more milk and not an effort to tell the people the truth about their present denatured diet gives the whole show away.’
    • ‘Staff working on a job like ours have to be trusted with the main secret and if they are indiscreet can give the whole show away in any case.’
    • ‘Each storage building was ‘mounded’ to simulate the actual dunes, and only the entrance and the dispersal arrangements of the units gave the whole show away.’
    • ‘These types of extras give the viewer just the right amount of information about a character without giving the whole show away.’