Definition of give something up in English:

give something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Part with something that one would prefer to keep.

    ‘they have given up everything for their son’
    • ‘In both cases the love was more fully expressed because it involved a sacrifice - in the first story a treasured possession was given up, in the second it was a sacrifice of time and warmth.’
    • ‘She enters into a pact with a doctor who helps her deliver the baby and give it up for adoption.’
    • ‘Health funding is under pressure, and some people are going to have to give things up in order that we can deliver on NHS commitments.’
    • ‘I would end up giving up everything just to bring that child into the world.’
    • ‘‘For most ladies giving their child up for adoption is the biggest sacrifice you can make,’ Hielema said.’
    • ‘Since they have been friends of ours for such a long time, it is very hard to abandon or give them up immediately.’
    • ‘If I lost any of these volumes I could certainly buy new copies, but to give them up altogether - to pack them in boxes and haul them down to the used bookstore for whatever cash they might bring - that is unthinkable.’
    • ‘I too was an unmarried mother in the Sixties, giving up my baby girl for adoption.’
    1. 1.1 Stop doing or consuming something.
      ‘I've decided to give up drinking’
      • ‘Getting rid of the sugar addresses Jacobson's most credible concerns about soft drinks without forcing people to give them up completely.’
      • ‘If a patient has cardiovascular illness then giving up smoking is the best thing they could do.’
      • ‘Debbie likes a drink with dinner and I like several after dinner so we've decided to give it up during the week.’
      • ‘In terms of giving up smoking you have got to have a longer term strategy.’
      • ‘The event encourages smokers to kick the habit for 24 hours in hopes they'll give it up for good.’
      • ‘There are thousands of people who love their drink, and who wouldn't give it up for anything.’
      • ‘Keep reminding yourself of the health and other benefits of giving up smoking.’
      • ‘At this point, Williams was on verge of giving up acting and following the rest of her family into law.’
      • ‘Danny is giving up alcohol for the whole of this year, and is being joined by a host of celebrities for a day each.’
      • ‘The evidence shows that giving up smoking can improve your health, no matter how old you are.’
      stop, cease, discontinue, desist from, swear off, forbear from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forswear, forgo, abandon, have done with
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