Definition of give someone up in English:

give someone up

phrasal verb

  • 1Deliver a wanted person to authority.

    ‘a voice told him to come out and give himself up’
    • ‘James decides to give himself up and is brought before the court system.’
    • ‘Only the next morning, with armed troops surrounding the palace of justice, did the two give themselves up.’
    • ‘I suggest you give yourself up now, the punishment will be more lenient if you do.’
    • ‘Police had been trying for two days to persuade Carl Roland to give himself up.’
    • ‘She took the knife used for peeling fruit that she had carried out of the kitchen and stabbed him before running downstairs to give herself up at the police station.’
  • 2Stop hoping that someone is still going to arrive.

    ‘oh, it's you—we'd almost given you up’
    • ‘Thank God you're O.K. - we'd given you up.’
    • ‘I was about to give you up and go to bed.’
    • ‘Mrs General complained of a headache, and of being fatigued; and so, when we gave you up, she went to bed, dear.’