Definition of give someone the glad eye in English:

give someone the glad eye


dated, informal
  • Look at someone in a flirtatious way.

    • ‘There appeared a large French Poodle - a lady dog - evidently an old flame: the Alsatian paused and the poodle gave him the glad eye.’
    • ‘Being somewhat drunk yourself, you give her the glad eye but it is met with a steely glare.’
    • ‘The passionate aeromodeller is going to stretch the Roller's legs this weekend, but what's going to really give him the glad eye is seeing it parked next to his rare 1937 R-R Phantom.’
    • ‘Well, the smooching was only between Karen and I, Daniel was on his own although the waitress gave him the glad eye!’
    ogle, look lasciviously, look suggestively, give sly looks to, eye, watch, stare, goggle
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