Definition of give someone the finger in English:

give someone the finger


North American
  • Make a gesture with the middle finger raised as an obscene sign of contempt.

    • ‘I called giving Travis the finger before I closed the door.’
    • ‘I responded by giving him the finger, before collapsing on my bed once more and drawing the blankets on top of me.’
    • ‘I raised a hand and gave him the finger before walking towards the school building.’
    • ‘Dreyden shrugged brushed it off, politely giving him the finger.’
    • ‘He was going to junior high school, and he'd always walk in front of my house and give me the finger.’
    • ‘Yes, I was doing push-ups with one arm, all the while giving them the finger.’
    • ‘The driver nodded, pointed as if to say, ‘Yes, you,’ then emphatically gave us the finger.’
    • ‘I yelled over my shoulder, giving him the finger.’
    • ‘‘Process this,’ I retort, giving him the finger.’
    • ‘I glanced over my shoulder to see him still standing there, his face entirely straight, yet at the same time calmly giving me the finger.’