Definition of give someone the eye in English:

give someone the eye


  • Look at someone with clear sexual interest.

    ‘this blonde was giving me the eye’
    • ‘Even if they're not checking you out and drooling for you, what harm does it do to feel confident and think they're giving you the eye?’
    • ‘And I've noticed Nelson's been giving me the eye, if you know what I mean.’
    • ‘Back upstairs, all those chicks were giving me the eye now, too.’
    • ‘Anyway, we were sitting there and I could see this young girl giving me the eye.’
    • ‘I consoled him and over his shoulder I saw the girl giving me the eye.’
    • ‘Through his mirrored sunglasses Michel could see all the girls giving him the eye.’
    • ‘Then giving Miles the eye, she added, in a voice that purred - ‘I don't know how I will ever be able to repay you.‘’
    • ‘That moment, Jared walked by, giving Tina the eye.’
    • ‘I just met this guy who seems to be really nice, and seems to be giving me the eye.’
    • ‘And if he wasn't doing that, he was giving her the eye whenever possible.’