Definition of give rise to in English:

give rise to


  • Cause to happen.

    ‘decisions which give rise to arguments’
    • ‘Many things can happen in a single study that can spuriously give rise to a positive result.’
    • ‘Then, of course, two British helicopters crashed into one another, giving rise to more casualties.’
    • ‘Excessive claims, and many of them fraudulent, are giving rise to ever increasing premium costs.’
    • ‘Instead of giving rise to entirely new genes, evolution has in many cases simply borrowed old ones.’
    • ‘Political maneuvers are not resorted to as they are believed to give rise to more problems.’
    • ‘I agree with you that the way it is expressed does give rise to two interpretations.’
    • ‘The continuing stagnation of the economy is giving rise to more bad debts.’
    • ‘Our defeat on those two fronts is giving rise to more violence.’
    • ‘The inadequacy of the insulation may have caused condensation, giving rise to a risk of further outbreaks of dry rot.’
    • ‘The sharp-witted reader will have seen the subtle problems this can give rise to.’
    produce, bring about, cause, occasion, generate, engender, lead to, result in, effect, induce, initiate, start, set off
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