Definition of give place to in English:

give place to


  • Be succeeded or replaced by.

    ‘the farmlands gave place to bare, scree-covered slopes’
    ‘anarchy eventually gave place to patrician capitalism’
    • ‘Plows had to give place to politics for the next four years, so it was not until the end of 1793, when he was on the brink of retirement from George Washington's cabinet, that Jefferson took measures to test his theory.’
    • ‘By the 1930s, however, these approaches were already giving place to a very different estimate of the play's artistic success.’
    • ‘Undefined intuitions and feelings give place to clear, definite ideas.’
    • ‘The concept of charity thus gives place to that of justice.’
    • ‘Opportunistic approaches should give place to strategic approaches that are firmly rooted in sustainable business practices.’
    • ‘The present school-house will soon give place to a more extensive and pretentious one, to be built on a more elevated situation.’
    • ‘Comradeship gives place to a chastened individuality.’
    • ‘Among countries bordering the Indian Ocean and a seismically dangerous hinterland, distrust must give place to collaboration.’
    • ‘Whatever he was doing, he contrived to give place to the contrary pattern.’
    • ‘It is tempting to speculate that deactivation of COPI by some photoreceptors could help signalling via other photoreceptors giving place to synergistic effects.’