Definition of give oneself airs in English:

give oneself airs


  • Act pretentiously or snobbishly.

    • ‘He gave himself airs so that others could more easily recognize his greatness.’
    • ‘She was not at all like Rebecca, who paraded herself about and gave herself airs.’
    • ‘It was as if he was always wary of getting above himself, of giving himself airs and graces, a peculiarly Scottish trait.’
    • ‘When I describe the feeling it sometimes feels pretentious to use Buddhist metaphors, as though I'm trying to give myself airs.’
    • ‘My parents' relatives did not give themselves airs the way you do.’
    • ‘For everyone, literally for everyone in Sursee, he is simply ‘the priest’, and we never feel that he is the kind of parish priest who gives himself airs.’
    • ‘Perhaps if the girl gives herself airs of grandeur, we should encourage her in her ambitions to become the proper lady.’
    • ‘Each one was a girl of fair common-sense, and she did not delude herself with any vain conceits, or dress herself up, or give herself airs, in the idea of outshining the others.’