Definition of give one's name to in English:

give one's name to


  • Invent, discover, or be the source of something which then becomes known by one's name.

    ‘the company's founder, Henry Ford, gave his name to Fordism’
    • ‘The History begins with the settlement in Britain of a great-grandson of the Trojan hero Aeneas, whose name was Brutus and who purportedly gave his name to the island.’
    • ‘The god Hermes who gives his name to ‘hermeneutics’ was not only a thief, but also a mover, a shifter, of border and boundary markers - a warning to all interpreters!’
    • ‘Cities, islands, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, universities, museums, and architecture, just to name a few, are all named for the Queen who gave her name to an era.’
    • ‘Although he only gave his name to the windscale because he popularised it, rather than invented it, he called himself a ‘meteorological philosopher’.’
    • ‘Other celebrities giving their name to video games.’
    • ‘In the Roman calendar she gives her name to ‘days of chastity’, puri dies, with which we may perhaps compare the Ember Days of the Christian Church.’
    • ‘He gives his name to Leeman Road, the site of the National Railway Museum.’