Definition of give in in English:

give in

phrasal verb

  • Cease fighting or arguing; admit defeat.

    ‘he reluctantly gave in to the pressure’
    • ‘Protesters are planning two days of disruption this week to blockade roads, oil refineries and petrol depots unless the government gives in to their demand to cut fuel duty.’
    • ‘Fortunately for my waistline, I haven't been giving in to the temptation.’
    • ‘Not wanting to give in, the Myers fought against the notice and even defended themselves at an appeal.’
    • ‘She hated her father for leaving, for giving in to the disease when he should have fought it.’
    • ‘I think they're willing to make some unpopular decisions, instead of just giving in.’
    • ‘‘She's a battler and a fighter and she never gives in,’ said her son, Geoffrey.’
    • ‘She is a lover of life, and she is not going to give in without a fight.’
    • ‘That would be like giving in to a child's tantrum - an easy but wrong option.’
    • ‘Usually she gets so sulky and difficult I end up giving in, just to keep the peace.’
    • ‘Did you succeed by fighting your fate or by giving in to it?’
    capitulate, admit defeat, concede defeat, give up, surrender, yield, submit, climb down, back down, give way, defer, acquiesce, relent, succumb, comply
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