Definition of give and take in English:

give and take


  • 1Mutual concessions and compromises.

    ‘there has to be give and take on both sides’
    • ‘For its ease of interplay and generous spirit of give and take, the rapport between them is remarkable.’
    • ‘Asked what makes a strong marriage, Gwen said: ‘It's just give and take.’’
    • ‘Many of these ancient practices were not just for the sake of it, but were meant to be subtle reminders of the need for mutual give and take, besides sacrifices and adjustments, to ensure wedded bliss.’
    • ‘But at the same time, he also added: ‘Reconciliation involves a bit of give and take on both sides.’’
    • ‘The success of our marriage is based on give and take and we talk things through.’
    • ‘The relationship between IT and the rest of the business needs to be like a marriage with a good deal of mutual give and take.’
    • ‘A long marriage is down to give and take and making sure you have a good family around you.’
    • ‘And don't you hope, John, that the spirit of give and take, the spirit of cooperation, will prevail in the coming days?’
    • ‘I was merely illustrating the give and take, the reciprocation.’
    • ‘To me, that speaks of ideally how all relationships should be: groundedness and a sense of mutuality, of give and take.’
    compromise, concession
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    1. 1.1as verb Make concessions and compromises.
      ‘children learn how to give and take from such experiences’
      • ‘As to their recipe for a happy marriage, Gladys said: ‘You've just got to give and take.’’
      • ‘Remember, in any relationship, both parties have to give and take and learn to accept things about each other, right?’
      • ‘The most important thing in marriage is to give and take and to understand one another.’
      • ‘In politics, you have to give and take and respect the views of others.’
      • ‘They will soon learn that to give and take in the workplace and indeed, any relationship, reaps its own rewards.’


give and take

/ˌɡɪv ən ˈteɪk/