Definition of gitana in English:



  • A female Spanish gypsy.

    • ‘I used to wear these big hoop earrings, my hair down to my hips, super-tight jeans and blouses with embroidery, like I was some kind of gitana.’
    • ‘He told me that I should see the fandango danced by the Gitanas with good partners.’
    • ‘Merimee's Carmen contributed to the renewed fascination with Spanish Gypsies, mixing dancers, smugglers, bullfighters, and gitanas as interchangeable signifiers of oriental Spain.’
    • ‘A Gitana will enter a shop, and purchase some insignificant article.’
    • ‘Don Diego knew by a glance at the dress and manner of the stranger, that she was a Gitana.’
    romany, rom, chal, chai, gitano, tzigane, zingaro, zigeuner, zingana, didicoi
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Spanish, feminine of gitano.